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Frames Containing Glass

Broken Glass SymbolWhen you see this symbol it means that your order contains glass that is at risk for breakage during transfer.

For safety reasons and to avoid breakage, frames containing glass are only available for mail order in selected sizes in the shipping packs of 5 (our most popular sizes and styles). Please refer to our product category for frames available for mail order for a list of which frames are readily available to order.

Please note:
1. We offer select "mail order shipping packs" in our most popular frames and sizes. Shipping packs contain 5 frames packed specifically for mail order because glass is wrapped separately as a "brick" to help reduce breakage.* Some assembly will be required. You may order these online or by telephone.
* Our shipping packs are designed to help reduce breakage however in some cases breakage may still occur.

2. We can custom order frames without glass so that you can purchase your glass locally instead. Or you can order a custom frame with Plexiglass. To place a custom order, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-663-6953.

3. We have several ready-made frames available which do not include glass, designed primarily for framing works of art on canvas. These are available for purchase online or by telephone.

4. If you wish to purchase any of our frames in larger quantities, we may be able to determine a safer method of shipping using a pallet and specifying the type of carrier. Please contact us at 1-800-663-6953 to discuss your options.

5. All Mail Order shipping packs with glass and custom frames containing plexiglass are FINAL SALE; exchanges or returns are not available for these items.