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Golden MSA Varnish


Protect your works of art with a truly archival final coating. The GOLDEN MSA Varnish contains ultraviolet light filters and stabilizers to diminish the chances of damage from exposure to light. These varnishes are archival, removable and offer protection against dirt, dust and moisture.

It has a thicker viscosity to maintain an even suspension of solid particles. It must be thinned with GOLDEN MSA Solvent before use.

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Golden MSA Varnish - Gloss 32OZ 70.50
Golden MSA Varnish - Gloss 8OZ 27.40
Golden MSA Varnish - Matte 8OZ 27.40
Golden MSA Varnish - Satin 32OZ 70.50
4 found, showing page 1 of 1