GOLDEN Acrylic Gesso is formulated with an acrylic polymer emulsion, yielding a sandable film with excellent flexibility and chemical, water and UV resistance. It offers a good tooth for adhesion of subsequent paint layers. This professional grade, contemporary gesso is available in white or black and as a sandable hard gesso in white. For use as a ground for oil painting a minimum of 34 coats is recommended.

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Name Size Price Qty
GOLDEN Black Gesso 128OZ 139.90
GOLDEN Black Gesso 16OZ 36.10
GOLDEN Black Gesso 32OZ 55.40
GOLDEN Black Gesso 8OZ 21.50
GOLDEN Sandable Hard Gesso 128OZ 139.90
GOLDEN White Gesso 128OZ 111.30
GOLDEN White Gesso 16OZ 33.30
GOLDEN White Gesso 32OZ 48.80
GOLDEN White Gesso 8OZ 19.60
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