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Gamblin Gamsol

100% odourless mineral spirits (OMS) developed by Gamblin, for use with thinning Gamblin mediums and other general painting methods including studio and brush clean up. Having removed the harmful aromatic components in mineral spirits, odourless mineral spirits are safer to use, though adequate ventilation is still required.

Gamsol has a "permissible exposure level" (PEL) of 300 ppm (the higher the PEL, the safer the solvent) compared with turpentine which has a PEL of 100 ppm. Gamsol cannot dissolve damar or other natural resins.

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Name Size Regular Price Sale Price  Qty
Gamblin Gamsol 128OZ $72.60 72.60
Gamblin Gamsol 16OZ $18.70 18.70
Gamblin Gamsol 32OZ $27.50 27.50
3 found, showing page 1 of 1