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This low molecular weight synthetic varnish was developed by Robert Gamblin based on conservation research from the National Gallery of Art. Use it to varnish either oil or acrylic paintings, or use for retouching. GamVar has a finish similar to traditional damar natural resin varnish; however, GamVar will not yellow over time and remains easy to remove.

Gamvar makes it easy to keep your painting looking its best. Over time, dust and dirt in the air will settle onto your painting. Gamvar is conservation-friendly, allowing you to clean your painting in the future without harming the paint layers underneath with strong solvents. The varnish, and everything that has settled on top of it, can be easily removed with Gamsol without harming the paint layers underneath. Then re-varnish with Gamvar.

GamVar is available unmixed in order for it to be made and used fresh, as needed, or in a convenient premixed jar. Follow the enclosed Gamblin instructions for use.