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Gamblin Etching Ink


These etching inks are strong and reliable making them an ideal choice when you are printing editions. They have a very high pigment load and are free of additives and extenders making them an excellent value.

Try the transparent ink conditioner to add some transparency to your printing inks.

Please note: this product is only available at select Opus locations. It can be purchased through our website or at your request, it can easily be ordered for you to your nearest store location. Simply ask our store staff for assistance or email us at sales@opusartsupplies.com

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Gamblin Magnesium Carbonate 16OZ 22.20
Transparent Base 300ML 32.20
Etching White 300ML 32.20
Yellow Ochre 300ML 32.20
Ultramarine Blue 300ML 40.30
Sepia 300ML 40.30
Quinacridone Red 300ML 46.80
Prussian Blue 300ML 40.30
Phthalo Green 300ML 40.30
Napthol Red 300ML 40.30
Hansa Yellow Light 300ML 46.80
Dioxazine Purple 300ML 46.80
Graphite 300ML 40.30
Carbon Black 300ML 32.20
Bone Black 300ML 32.20
Portland Black Stiff 300ML 32.20
Portland Cool Black 300ML 32.20
Portland Black 300ML 32.20
18 found, showing page 1 of 1