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This Amaco ArtEmboss is an extremely pliable material made from 100% pewter, copper, brass, aluminum and coloured aluminum.

ArtEmboss metal sheets are available in light and medium weights. The light sheets are perfect for intricate details and decoration of items such as greeting cards while the medium weight sheets are suitable for photo albums, gift boxes and other fine art projects. Metals available in 9" x 12" sheets and coloured aluminum in 9" x 60" sheets. 3 piece stylus set also available.

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Name Size Price Qty  
Amaco ArtEmboss Aluminium Medium 9X12 10.40
Amaco ArtEmboss Bright Gold 9X60 22.30
Amaco ArtEmboss Copper Light 9X12 15.10
Amaco ArtEmboss Copper Medium 9X12 18.70
4 found, showing page 1 of 1