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Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments


Glitter, glimmer, glint and gleam! This range of powdered pigments comes in a multitude of metallic colours and textures, including Micro Pearl, Macro Pearl, Interference and Duo colours, Sparkle, Antique and Super versions.

Finishes range from a lustrous metallic, to a twinkly texture, depending on the size of particle. The particle sizes range from 6 to 40 microns (the lower the micron count the finer the particle).

The versatility of Pearl Ex is truly amazing. It can be added to paints, mediums, varnishes, inks and other wet media, or it can be applied on top of various surfaces; the fineness of the particles means it will cling on to the most minute surface texture. The fine particle size also means that most of the colours can be used to create metallic effects when spraying, silkscreening and applying with some pen nibs, as well as painting with a brush.

Colours are light fast, extremely permanent, archivally sound and can be used indoors or out. Metallic effects can be achieved with quite small amounts of powder, so a little goes a long way.

They can be used in or on polymer clay, wax mediums, acrylic mediums, leather, paper, shrink plastic, glass, canvas, wood, clay, block printing inks, oil paints and more.

  • Inert non-metal particles are non-toxic
  • Non-tarnishing
  • Avoid inhaling dust; use in properly ventilated conditions
  • Interference colours show up best on dark backgrounds
  • Duo colours shift from one hue to another depending on the angle they are viewed from
  • Macropearl is coarse (compared to the rest of the colours); Micropearl is very fine
  • The recommended concentration in most clear coatings is 6-12% by weight. Pearlescent effects over a base colour can be achieved at 1-3% concentration by weight
  • Mixing the powders into paints or other media with a strong colour may require higher concentrations to achieve desired effects; always try a small sample first.
  • Note: while Pearl Ex is non-toxic, it is not rated for use as a cosmetic; do not use on human skin

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Antique Bronze .75OZ 8.70
Antique Copper .75OZ 8.70
Antique Gold .75OZ 8.70
Antique Silver .75OZ 8.70
Apple Green .75OZ 8.70
Aztec Gold .75OZ 8.70
Blue Russet .5OZ 8.70
Bright Yellow .5OZ 8.70
Brilliant Gold .75OZ 8.70
Carbon Black .75OZ 8.70
Citrine .75OZ 8.70
Dark Brown .75OZ 8.70
Duo Red Blue .5OZ 8.70
Emerald .75OZ 8.70
Flamingo Pink .5OZ 8.70
Gift Set of 12 SET/12 45.30
Grey Lavender .75OZ 8.70
Interference Blue .5OZ 8.70
Interference Gold .5OZ 8.70
Interference Green .5OZ 8.70
Interference Red .5OZ 8.70
Interference Violet .5OZ 8.70
Jacquard Pearl Ex Calligraphy Set SET/12 30.50
Macropearl .75OZ 8.70
Magenta .75OZ 8.70
Micropearl .75OZ 8.70
Mink .75OZ 8.70
Misty Lavender .5OZ 8.70
Pearl White .75OZ 8.70
Pink Gold .75OZ 8.70
Pumpkin Orange .75OZ 8.70
Red Russet .75OZ 8.70
Reflex Violet .75OZ 8.70
Salmon Pink .75OZ 8.70
Sapphire Blue .75OZ 8.70
Scarlet .75OZ 8.70
Silver .75OZ 8.70
Simmer Violet .75OZ 8.70
Sky Blue .75OZ 8.70
Solar Gold .5OZ 8.70
Sparkle Gold .75OZ 8.70
Spring Green .5OZ 8.70
Sunset Gold .75OZ 8.70
Super Bronze .75OZ 8.70
Super Copper .75OZ 8.70
Super Russet .75OZ 8.70
True Blue .5OZ 8.70
Turquoise .5OZ 8.70
48 found, showing page 1 of 1