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Art Supplies Boxes & Trays

We carry a variety of  Boxes & Trays for you to store and organize your art supplies. Simply click on a product names below for more information.
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Name Size Price Qty  
Artbin Quickview Case w/ Lift-out Tray 15" 37.20
ArtBin Quick View Deep Carrying Case 12" 14.90
ArtBin Quick View Case 14" 16.40
ArtBin Quick View Case 10.5" 11.90
ArtBin Quick View Case 17" 26.80
ArtBin Solutions Box 6.70
ArtBin Sidekick Box 32.70
ArtBin Twisterz Jar 3.9OZ 3.70
ArtBin Prism Box 11.30
ArtBin Essentials Lift Out Tray Box 14.90
ArtBin Twin Top Toolbox 40.10
ArtBin Twisterz Jar 3.4OZ 2.10
ArtBin Marker Storage Tray 11.90
ArtBin Marker Storage Satchel 32.70
ArtBin Art/Craft Supply Caddy 18.20
Blue Q Tin Cigar Box Art Supplies 23.90
ArtBin Lift Out Tray Box 16" 32.70
ArtBin Twisterz Jar 1.4OZ 1.70
ArtBin Twisterz Jar 9OZ 4.00
Art Alternatives Artist's Supply Chest 62.70
Art Alternatives Artist's Paint Box with Palette 48.30
Art Alternatives Artist's Easel Brush Box 4.5X14 27.20
ArtBin Wooden Paint Storage Tray 38.60
23 found, showing page 1 of 1