Pébéo Setacolor Opaque Shimmer Fabric Paint gives spectacular results. Choose from among a range of deep rich shades that glitter and shine. Colours may shift depending on the angle of light. The consistency of these beautiful metallics is perfect for maximum brightness; to keep the intensity do not dilute.

The lightfast colours can be mixed to create new colours. Use water to thin the paints, and to clean up after working. They work well on natural and synthetic fibres; on fine or thick, smooth or textured surfaces. After air drying, heat set with an iron at the cotton setting on the reverse of the work, for 5 minutes, or in the oven at 150°C (300°F). They are machine washable at up to 40°C (100°F), or they can be dry-cleaned.

  • DRYING: Air dry in 1 hour. Tumble drying and dry cleaning are not recommended. 
  • SURFACES: The majority of fine or thick, natural or synthetic, prewashed light fabrics. 
  • THINNER: Ready to use colours 
  • OPACITY: Transparent colours 
  • FINISH: Glitter with a base colour 
  • SETTING: Two possibilities: 
    • 1) With an iron on cotton position, no steam, for 5 minutes, on the reverse side of the fabric 
    • 2) In the oven, for 5 minutes at 150°C (300°F) (stabilized temperature).
  • CARING (decorated fabric): after fixing, the colours resist machine washing at 40°C (100°F) and hand washing. 
  • TOOLS: Pébéo Cobra deco or Iris brushes, sponge, dropper, acetate, Setacolor stencil... 
  • TOOL CLEANING: Soapy water
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