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Archival Glues & Pastes

Archival Adhering is here! Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive is a permanent PVA glue which dries clear, remains flexible, has excellent lay flat properties, and is buffered for added protection. Great for use with paper, board, for framing, collage, crafts and bookbinding. Available in 8oz and 32oz bottles.
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Name Size Price Qty  
Funstuff Fun-Cell Papier Mache Paste 16 GR 3.10
Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive 8OZ 12.70
Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive 32OZ 41.60
Lineco Pure Methyl Cellulose 1.5OZ 15.90
Lineco Pure Rice Starch - 2oz 2OZ 18.30
Lineco Pure Rice Starch Adhesive 8OZ 31.40
Lineco Pure Wheat Starch - 2oz 2OZ 12.60
Lineco Wheat Starch Adhesive 8OZ 22.40
Yasutomo Nori Paste 1.84OZ 5.20
9 found, showing page 1 of 1