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Airbrush Parts

Make your airbrushing easier with these handy pieces of equipment! From hoses to canned air, Opus carries the products you need for airbrushing.

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Name Size Reg Price Qty  
Iwata Crown Cap for Eclipse 35.30
Iwata Eclipse Head Cap 24.30
Iwata Eclipse Packing Head O-Ring 11.20
Iwata Fluid Needle Eclipse (BCS) 0.50MM 18.30
Iwata Fluid Needle Eclipse (SBS,CS, BS) 0.35MM 18.30
Iwata Fluid Needle Hi-Line 0.20MM 24.30
Iwata Fluid Needle Hi-Line 0.30MM 24.30
Iwata Fluid Nozzle Eclipse (BCS) 0.50MM 24.30
Iwata Fluid Nozzle Eclipse (SBS,CS, BS) 0.35MM 48.70
Iwata Fluid Nozzle Hi-Line 0.30MM 74.70
Iwata Fluid Nozzle Hi-Line 0.20MM 74.70
Iwata Hi-Line Needle Cap 18.30
Iwata HP-CH Fluid Cup Lid (Hi-Line/Eclipse CS) 24.30
Iwata Needle Cap Eclipse 11.20
Iwata Needle Chucking Nut Eclipse 11.20
Iwata Needle Chucking Nut Hi-Line 11.20
Iwata Needle Spring Eclipse (HP-BCS) 11.20
Iwata Needle Spring Hi-Line (HP-CH) 11.20
Iwata Nozzle Cap Eclipse (HP-BCS) HP-BCS 18.20
Iwata Nozzle Cap Eclipse (SBS/CS/BS) 24.30
Iwata Nozzle Cap Hi-Line (CH/C+) 36.50
21 found, showing page 1 of 1