Liqutex Gesso gives you an excellent surface for your oils or acrylics. It provides perfect tooth and adhesion on canvas, wood and paper. This gesso is non-yellowing, flexible and non-cracking, with excellent covering power.

Use straight from the container or dilute up to 25% with water. Use matte medium to prevent weakening of the film if you want to thin by more than 25%. Use acrylic paints to tint your gesso before applying for coloured grounds.

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Name Size Price Qty  
Liquitex BASICS Geso 1.89L 29.60 GV
Liquitex BASICS Gesso 250ML 10.30 GV
Liquitex BASICS Gesso 473ML 11.40 GV
Liquitex White Gesso 32OZ 42.50
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