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Masking & Frisket Films

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Name Size Reg Price Qty  
Grafix All Purpose Low Tack Frisket 24" W 39.90
Grafix Low-Tack Frisket Pack of 6 9X12 16.30
Iwata Artool Artmask Film Roll 18X10Y 54.60
Iwata Artool FrisketFilm Roll Gloss 24"X4Y 58.50
Iwata Artool FrisketFilm Roll Matte 24"X4Y 58.50
Iwata Artool Stretchmask Roll Film 18X10Y 51.90
Iwata Artool Stretchmask Roll Mini-Series 6"X10Y 36.70
Scratch-Art Mask-Ease 10X15 14.40
Scratch-Art Mask-Ease 20X30 27.60
9 found, showing page 1 of 1