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Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylics

These colours have the same pigment load by volume as the heavy body paints, but with a slightly thinner consistency. They are suitable for all painting applications except for very thick impasto techniques.

Use them for any spraying or airbrush applications as they require less dilution. Jar colours are of a quality to suit fine art painting, and have some unique colour mixes that make them ideal for decorative painting.

Click here for Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylics colour chart.

Click here to learn more about Liquitex Special Release Muted Color Collection

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Cadmium colours
Non-cadmium colours

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Alizarin Crimson Hue 59ML 11.80
Bright Aqua Green 59ML 8.90
Brilliant Blue 59ML 8.90
Brilliant Purple 59ML 8.90
Brilliant Yellow Green 59ML 8.90
Bronze Yellow 59ML 8.90
Burnt Sienna 59ML 8.90
Burnt Umber 59ML 8.90
Cadmium Orange Hue 59ML 11.80
Cadmium Red Deep Hue 59ML 11.80
Cadmium Red Light Hue 59ML 11.80
Cadmium Red Medium Hue 59ML 11.80
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue 59ML 11.80
Cadmium Yellow Light Hue 59ML 11.80
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue 59ML 8.90
Cerulean Blue 59ML 11.80
Cerulean Blue Hue 59ML 11.80
Chromium Oxide Green 59ML 11.80
Cobalt Blue 59ML 19.70
Cobalt Blue Hue 59ML 8.90
Cobalt Teal 59ML 19.70
Cobalt Turquoise 59ML 19.70
Deep Magenta 59ML 14.40
Dioxazine Purple 59ML 11.80
Emerald Green 59ML 11.80
Green Deep Permanent 59ML 11.80
Green Gold 59ML 14.40
Hookers Green 59ML 8.90
Hookers Green Deep Hue Permanent 59ML 8.90
Indanthrene Blue 59ML 14.40
Indian Yellow 59ML 11.80
Iridescent Antique Gold 59ML 11.80
Iridescent Copper 59ML 11.80
Iridescent Gold 59ML 11.80
Iridescent Rich Bronze 59ML 11.80
Iridescent Rich Gold 59ML 11.80
Iridescent Silver 59ML 11.80
Iridescent White 59ML 11.80
Ivory Black 59ML 8.90
Light Blue Violet 59ML 8.90
Light Portrait Pink 59ML 8.90
Mars Black 59ML 8.90
Mars Black 946ML 56.70
Medium Magenta 59ML 8.90
Metallic Rich Silver 59ML 11.80
Muted Green 59ML 13.90
Muted Grey 59ML 13.90
Muted Pink 59ML 13.90
Muted Turquoise 59ML 13.90
Muted Violet 59ML 13.90
Naples Yellow Hue 59ML 11.80
Napthol Crimson 59ML 11.80
Napthol Red Light 59ML 11.80
Neutral Gray 59ML 8.90
Parchment 59ML 8.90
Paynes Grey 59ML 8.90
Permanent Green Light 59ML 11.80
Permanent Light Blue 59ML 8.90
Phthalo Blue 59ML 8.90
Phthalo Blue Red Shade 59ML 11.80
Phthalo Green Blue Shade 59ML 8.90
Phthalo Green Yellow Shade 59ML 8.90
Prism Violet 59ML 11.80
Prussian Blue 59ML 11.80
Pyrrole Crimson 59ML 19.70
Pyrrole Orange 59ML 19.70
Pyrrole Red 59ML 19.70
Quinacridone Blue Violet 59ML 14.40
Quinacridone Burnt Orange 59ML 14.40
Quinacridone Crimson 59ML 14.40
Quinacridone Magenta 59ML 14.40
Quinacridone Red 59ML 14.40
Quinacridone Red Orange 59ML 14.40
Raw Sienna 59ML 8.90
Raw Umber 59ML 8.90
Red Oxide 59ML 8.90
Sap Green Permanent 59ML 11.80
Titanium White 59ML 8.90
Titanium White 237ML 22.70
Titanium White 946ML 56.70
Transparent Burnt Sienna 59ML 14.40
Transparent Burnt Umber 59ML 11.80
Transparent Mixing White 59ML 8.90
Transparent Raw Sienna 59ML 14.40
Transparent Raw Umber 59ML 11.80
Transparent Viridian Hue 59ML 11.80
Turners Yellow 59ML 11.80
Ultramarine Blue 59ML 8.90
Ultramarine Blue Red Shade 59ML 8.90
Unbleached Titanium 59ML 8.90
Viridian Hue 59ML 8.90
Vivid Lime Green 59ML 8.90
Vivid Red Orange 59ML 14.40
Yellow Light Hansa 59ML 8.90
Yellow Medium Azo 59ML 11.80
Yellow Orange Azo 59ML 11.80
Yellow Oxide 59ML 8.90
97 found, showing page 1 of 1