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Stevenson Professional Acrylics

Stevenson Professional Acrylics are a versatile paint range suitable for fine art, decorative painting, murals, and many craft applications. Whatever your skill level, this reasonably priced and popular paint gives you the ability to paint freely with quality, made in Canada colours.

Its range of over 60 colours contains high-strength, permanent pigments with a high degree of lightfastness in a 100% acrylic emulsion. Quick-drying and flexible, apply these non-cracking heavy-bodied paints straight from the tube or jar to retain brush strokes or to obtain impasto effects. For the look of watercolour or smooth colour-fields, thin them with a acrylic mediums or water. All colours dry to a uniform satin finish.

Stevenson Acrylics are available in 60 ml and 150 ml tubes, and 470 ml wide mouth jars, with many colours also available in 1.125 L wide mouth jars.

Please note: Select colours in larger sizes of this product are only available at select Opus locations. They can be purchased through our website or at your request they can easily be ordered for you to your nearest store location. Simply ask our store staff for assistance or email us at sales@opusartsupplies.com

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Azo Red Light 150ML 18.20
Azo Red Light 60ML 9.10
Azo Red Middle 150ML 18.20
Azo Red Middle 60ML 9.10
Burnt Sienna 470ML 25.70
Burnt Sienna 150ML 12.90
Burnt Sienna 60ML 6.50
Burnt Umber 470ML 25.70
Burnt Umber 150ML 12.90
Burnt Umber 60ML 6.50
Cadmium Green 470ML 63.50
Cadmium Green 150ML 26.30
Cadmium Green 60ML 13.10
Cadmium Orange 470ML 70.70
Cadmium Orange 150ML 30.80
Cadmium Orange 60ML 15.20
Cadmium Red Deep 150ML 30.80
Cadmium Red Deep 60ML 15.20
Cadmium Red Light 150ML 30.80
Cadmium Red Light 60ML 15.20
Cadmium Red Middle 1.125L 148.40
Cadmium Red Middle 470ML 70.70
Cadmium Red Middle 150ML 30.80
Cadmium Red Middle 60ML 15.20
Cadmium Yellow Deep 470ML 63.50
Cadmium Yellow Deep 150ML 26.30
Cadmium Yellow Deep 60ML 13.10
Cadmium Yellow Lemon 150ML 26.30
Cadmium Yellow Lemon 60ML 13.10
Cadmium Yellow Light 150ML 26.30
Cadmium Yellow Light 60ML 13.10
Cadmium Yellow Middle 470ML 63.50
Cadmium Yellow Middle 150ML 26.30
Cadmium Yellow Middle 60ML 13.10
Chromeoxide Green 150ML 18.20
Chromeoxide Green 60ML 9.10
Cobalt Deep Hue 1.125L 63.60
Cobalt Deep Hue 470ML 37.80
Cobalt Deep Hue 60ML 7.80
Cobalt Deep Hue 150ML 15.80
Cobalt Genuine 150ML 35.80
Cobalt Genuine 60ML 17.90
Cobalt Light Hue 150ML 15.80
Cobalt Light Hue 60ML 7.80
Dioxazine Violet 150ML 24.20
Dioxazine Violet 60ML 12.10
Green Gold 1.125L 73.00
Green Gold 470ML 43.40
Green Gold 60ML 9.10
Green Gold 150ML 18.20
Hansa Orange 60ML 7.80
Hansa Orange 150ML 15.80
Hansa Orange 470ML 37.80
Hansa Yellow Lemon 60ML 7.80
Hansa Yellow Lemon 1.125L 63.60
Hansa Yellow Lemon 150ML 15.80
Hansa Yellow Medium 150ML 15.80
Hansa Yellow Medium 470ML 37.80
Hansa Yellow Medium 60ML 7.80
Hansa Yellow Medium 1.125L 63.60
Hooker's Green 60ML 7.80
Hooker's Green 470ML 37.80
Hooker's Green 150ML 15.80
Indian Red 60ML 6.50
Indian Red 150ML 12.90
Interference Blue 60ML 15.20
Interference Gold 60ML 15.20
Interference Green 60ML 15.20
Iridescent (Rich) Gold 60ML 13.80
Iridescent Bronze 60ML 13.80
Iridescent Copper 60ML 13.80
Iridescent Light Gold 60ML 13.80
Iridescent Pearl 60ML 11.40
Iridescent Silver Grey 60ML 11.40
Iron Oxide Black 60ML 6.50
Iron Oxide Black 470ML 25.70
Iron Oxide Black 150ML 12.90
Iron Oxide Black 1.125L 44.90
Light Red 60ML 6.50
Light Red 150ML 12.90
Naples Yellow Deep 1.125L 44.90
Naples Yellow Deep 60ML 6.50
Naples Yellow Deep 150ML 12.90
Naples Yellow Deep 470ML 25.70
Naples Yellow Light 1.125L 44.90
Naples Yellow Light 60ML 6.50
Naples Yellow Light 150ML 12.90
Naples Yellow Light 470ML 25.70
Nickel Azo Yellow 60ML 12.10
Nickel Azo Yellow 150ML 24.20
Payne's Grey 60ML 6.50
Payne's Grey 150ML 12.90
Payne's Grey 470ML 25.70
Payne's Grey 1.125L 44.90
Permanent Alizarin Hue 470ML 58.10
Permanent Alizarin Hue 150ML 24.20
Permanent Alizarin Hue 60ML 12.10
Permanent Crimson 150ML 18.20
Permanent Crimson 60ML 9.10
Phthalo Blue Red Shade 60ML 7.80
Phthalo Blue Red Shade 150ML 15.80
Phthalo Blue Red Shade 470ML 37.80
Phthalo Blue Red Shade 1.125L 63.60
Phthalo Cerulean 60ML 7.80
Phthalo Cerulean 150ML 15.80
Phthalo Cerulean 470ML 37.80
Phthalo Green 60ML 7.80
Phthalo Green 150ML 15.80
Phthalo Turquoise 60ML 7.80
Phthalo Turquoise 150ML 15.80
Phthalo Turquoise 470ML 37.80
Pyrrole Red Middle 60ML 15.20
Pyrrole Red Middle 150ML 30.80
Pyrrole Red Scarlet 60ML 15.20
Pyrrole Red Scarlet 150ML 30.80
Quinacridone Magenta 150ML 26.30
Quinacridone Magenta 60ML 13.10
Quinacridone Red 60ML 12.10
Quinacridone Red 150ML 24.20
Quinacridone Red 1.125L 98.70
Quinacridone Red/Yellow 60ML 13.10
Quinacridone Red/Yellow 150ML 26.30
Quinacridone Violet 150ML 24.20
Quinacridone Violet 60ML 12.10
Raw Sienna 60ML 6.50
Raw Sienna 150ML 12.90
Raw Umber 150ML 12.90
Raw Umber 470ML 25.70
Raw Umber 60ML 6.50
Rose Red 60ML 9.10
Rose Red 150ML 18.20
Titanium White 60ML 6.50
Titanium White 1.125L 44.90
Titanium White 150ML 12.90
Titanium White 470ML 25.70
Transparent Red Oxide 60ML 9.10
Transparent Red Oxide 150ML 18.20
Transparent Yellow Oxide 60ML 9.10
Transparent Yellow Oxide 150ML 18.20
Ultramarine Blue 470ML 37.80
Ultramarine Blue 150ML 15.80
Ultramarine Blue 1.125L 63.60
Ultramarine Blue 60ML 7.80
Yellow Ochre 150ML 12.90
Yellow Ochre 60ML 6.50
Yellow Ochre 470ML 25.70
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