Chai 4-ply Double Mats

Chai 4-ply Double Mats

Chai 4-ply Double Mats

Chai Pre-Cut Mats are a simple, convenient way to mat art and photographs.

The Double Mats with Windows add depth to the presentation of your work, feature two mats with a beveled lip in between. The bevel-cut windows* feature the bright white core made from high-quality wood fibre that has been buffered to create a neutral pH, making them safe for short-term** display of your art pieces.

Their outer measurements fit standard-sized, readymade frames and come in a myriad of window sizes, allowing you to plan the dimensions of your work in advance so that it can be easily matted afterwards.

These well-priced mats are perfect for keeping framing costs down. Use yours to present your artwork at markets, to add a rigid back mat when storing works on paper, and to add presence when framing art for home decor.

Chai 4-Ply Double Mats with windows are available in bright white.

Quality paper matboard
Buffered to create a neutral pH
Popular colours to suit any work
Standard paper and frame sizes

Suitable for:
Short-term** display of artwork and photographs
Market display and sales of artwork

* Note that pre-cut mat windows are cut smaller than the paper size they are designed for. As an example, a Chai 4-ply Double Mat with an 8" x 10" window measures 7 " x  9 " at its opening. This offers a " overlap on all sides of the window to hold the work in place while covering as little of it as possible. With this in mind, printing your work edge-to-edge is ideal if you don't wish to see the print border inside the mat.

** For long-term display of one-of-a-kind, precious, or irreplaceable artworks or photographs, we recommend choosing an archival matting material such as 100% cotton which will assist in the preservation of the piece.

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