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All Purpose Mediums


These all Purpose Mediums can be used with acrylic paints to extend the volume, and to slow down the drying time of your acrylic paints – giving you more 'open time' to work. They can also be used as a varnish or top-coat.

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Opus Matte Medium 946ML 28.80
Opus Matte Medium 3.78L 95.90
Opus Matte Medium 473ML 17.70
Opus Gloss Medium 3.78L 95.90
Opus Gloss Medium 473ML 17.70
Opus Gloss Medium 946ML 28.80
Stevenson Medium - Matte 4 L 86.80
Stevenson Medium - Matte 1 L 26.90
Stevenson Medium - Matte 500ML 16.30
Stevenson Medium - Matte 265ML 10.60
Stevenson Acrylic Retarder 265ML 8.20
GOLDEN Matte Medium 8OZ 17.30
GOLDEN Matte Medium 16OZ 29.30
GOLDEN Matte Medium 32OZ 43.10
GOLDEN Matte Medium 128OZ 109.30
GOLDEN Super Matte Medium 8OZ 18.90
GOLDEN Super Matte Medium 16OZ 31.70
GOLDEN Super Matte Medium 128OZ 137.10
GOLDEN Gloss Medium 32OZ 44.80
GOLDEN Gloss Medium 128OZ 117.00
GOLDEN Gloss Medium 8OZ 18.10
GOLDEN Retarder 8OZ 19.60
GOLDEN Retarder 4OZ 12.20
GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Medium - Gloss 8OZ 17.30
GOLDEN Fluid Matte Medium 8OZ 17.30
Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium 237ML 15.30
Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium 473ML 24.70
Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium 4oz 4OZ 11.10
28 found, showing page 1 of 1