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Solvable Paint Thinner

Solvable Paint Thinner

Safe and economical alternative to turpentine.

Recordsol Paint Thinner also known as mineral spirit is a petroleum distilled product. It is an effective diluent for achieving the optimal varnish or paint consistency with a higher flashpoint (temperature needed before a spark will cause it to ignite). Its flashpoint above 40 degrees C makes this paint thinner safer than some specialty solvents.

Its moderate evaporation rate is ideal for many of the new oil based coatings. An evaporation rate that is too rapid can cause wrinkles or a haze to form on the surface of the coating and it may be difficult to apply evenly. If a solvent evaporates too slowly on the other hand, the surface may cure and trap solvents underneath, causing bubbles and blisters.

Recordsol Paint Thinner's evaporation rate is similar to turpentine, so it avoids the risks of other rapid or slow evaporating solvents.

In the home, Recordsol Paint Thinner is an effective solvent that:

  • Removes grease, tar and wax from ceramic tile and linoleum
  • Gets rid of grease without leaving a film, so rinsing is not necessary
  • Eliminates excess wax from hardwood floors
  • Cleans grease from mechanic's tools, hands, garage and basement floors
Solvable Paint Thinner