Made with a high rag content, both finishes are suitable for a wide range of techniques.

The #27 illustration board has a smooth, hot-pressed surface made with 100% rag. It is well suited for pen and ink, technical drawings, acrylic washes, felt tip markers and many other uses where an ultra smooth surface is desired.

The #79 has a toothy, cold-pressed surface made with 100% rag. It is excellent for watercolour and wash drawings, dry brush, acrylics, pen and ink, tempera, charcoal, crayon and many other uses where texture is desired.

Available in 15" x 20" pre-cut packages of four and 20" x 30" pre-cut packages of two, or in single sheets. Made in Canada.

Ordering sheets of paper online? Please note that we have a minimum paper shipping requirement depending on the weight of paper ordered. Call our National Mail Order toll free at 1-800-663-6953 or click for more details.
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