Opus Finest Watercolour Paper

Opus Finest Watercolour Paper

Opus Finest Watercolour Paper

When European papermaking technology was in its infancy, a paper mill was established on the banks of a small mountain river. The water was ideal for the task, fast moving and clear of silt, and the paper the mill turned out was of top quality.

Over the centuries, the mill's reputation grew internationally. Six hundred years later, the mill is still in operation. It has one of the oldest cylinder-mould machines in the world and has produced paper for many artists including Morandi, DeChirico, and Picasso.

Working closely with Opus, this mill has created Opus Finest Watercolour Paper to our specifications: 100% cotton, 300 gsm, cold-pressed, and tub-sized, all to make an ideal surface for the discriminating watercolour artist.

The cylinder-mould machine produces paper with two deckle and two torn edges. Because the machine moves slowly, the pulp fibres are distributed in all directions, insuring better wet-strength and greater uniformity of sheets. The traditional gelatin sizing of this paper gives exceptional resistance to scratching and erasing.

Watch our Introduction to Illustration How-To Video, with Vancouver illustrator and Opus Downtown Vancouver staff member Alison Woodward, to see this beautiful paper in use with ink, watercolours, and gouche.

Opus Finest Watercolour Paper Specifications:
  • 100% cotton
  • 300 gsm (140 lb)
  • cold-pressed
  • gelatin-sized

Ordering sheets of paper online? Please note that we have a minimum paper shipping requirement depending on the weight of paper ordered. Call our National Mail Order toll free at 1-800-663-6953 or click for more details.

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