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Opus Bravura Brushes

Short-handled in a variety of shapes.

Opus Bravura Brushes are economically-priced, short-handled acrylic brushes, ideal for working up close. The white synthetic bristles have good snap and pointed tips for guiding medium viscous to fluid water-based paints. Glued and crimped seamless nickel plated brass ferrules keep everything together. Available in five brush shapes great for smooth applications of paint, softening edges, and detail work:

Use the Angle brushes for curved strokes, filling corners and to float colours.

The Flat brushes are good for edges, washes, and bold strokes. Use the edge to make lines.

Get the Oval Wash brush for soft round edges and washes.

Round brushes are good at thick to thin lines, detail, controlled washes, and to fill in small areas.

The Script brushes are designed for long flowing lines, details,and illustration. They are even used to sign paintings.

For a comprehensive brush size chart, click here

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Opus Bravura Angle 1" 14.90
Opus Bravura Angle 1/2" 6.90
Opus Bravura Angle 1/4" 3.90
Opus Bravura Angle 3/4" 11.70
Opus Bravura Flat 1" 14.90
Opus Bravura Flat 1/2" 6.90
Opus Bravura Flat 1/4" 3.90
Opus Bravura Flat 3/4" 11.70
Opus Bravura Oval Wash 1/4" 3.90
Opus Bravura Oval Wash 1/2" 6.90
Opus Bravura Oval Wash 3/4" 11.70
Opus Bravura Oval Wash 1" 14.90
Opus Bravura Round 2X0 3.10
Opus Bravura Round 0 3.20
Opus Bravura Round 2 3.40
Opus Bravura Round 4 4.00
Opus Bravura Round 6 4.80
Opus Bravura Round 8 6.40
Opus Bravura Round 10 7.60
Opus Bravura Round 12 8.70
Opus Bravura Round 14 9.90
Opus Bravura Script 2X0 3.50
Opus Bravura Script 0 3.70
Opus Bravura Script 2 4.00
Opus Bravura Script 3 4.30
Opus Bravura Script 5 4.80
26 found, showing page 1 of 1