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Opus Finest Raw Stretched Canvas

Start from the ground up with a surface that embodies strength and beauty in one.

Opus Finest Raw Stretched Canvas represents the pinnacle of cotton painting surfaces. This locally-made surface is handcrafted to the exact same specifications as our Custom Stretched Canvas.

1″ deep, heavy-duty pine bars provide excellent strength, and larger sizes are reinforced with cross-braces for added stability. This surface features gusseted corners to strengthen and square the joints, creating a perfectly fixed frame called a strainer which offers sturdy support for the stretched canvas.

Our heaviest canvas, #10 duck (14.75 oz / 500 GSM), is stretched over the strainer for a strong and dense base. This 100% cotton canvas features an impeccably tight weave, and the thick thread used in the double-fill, plied yarn produces excellent tensile strength all making for a seriously heavyweight, durable canvas.

The raw canvas surface has a warm, natural tone ranging from off-white to cream in colour. It's ready to be primed to your specifications. We recommend at least two coats of gesso for acrylic painting, and at least 4 coats of gesso for oil painting.

  • Canvas weight: 14.75 oz (500 gsm)
  • Raw (not primed)
  • #10 duck cotton
  • 1″ deep
  • Back-wrapped and stapled onto pine wood
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Name Size Price Qty
Opus Finest Canvas Raw #10 24X36 87.20
Opus Finest Canvas Raw #10 36X36 100.80
Opus Finest Canvas Raw #10 36X48 116.20 icon-instoreonly
Opus Finest Canvas Raw #10 48X48 137.90 icon-instoreonly
4 found, showing page 1 of 1