Jacquard SolarFast Dye

Jacquard SolarFast Dye

Jacquard SolarFast Dye

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Jacquard SolarFast sunlight-developed dyes are used to create photograms, continuous tone photographs, shadow prints and ombres on natural fabrics and papers.

Watch the colours change right before your eyes as this specially formulated dye exposes in sunlight or under a UV lamp. Block out specific patterns by covering the portion of the surface from the light  even cast shadows will create an image.

Easily transform any image into a negative with just the click of a button using the SolarFast Negative Generator. This easy-to-use, photo-editing app allows you to make SolarFast prints from photographs without the need for special software or advanced computer skills - all you need is a connection to the internet! The desktop app is compatible with mobile devices and includes great features such as poster printing and a T-shirt overlay preview.

SolarFast is great for painting, tie dyeing, screen printing, stamping and more. Shake well before use and apply with a brush, sponge or brayer. Machine wash your dyed fabric using SolarFast Wash to remove any excess dye and to fully cure the colours.

SolarFast dries permanent on your fine art papers and all natural fabrics including cotton, linen, canvas and wood. No heat setting, chemical or steam fixing necessary!

Jacquard SolarFast Starter Kit