Watch your design appear right before your eyes!

Jacquard SolarFast Film is a specially designed inkjet film used to create custom negatives for making photographic prints on paper or fabric. Simply print your design onto the film using an inkjet printer and apply SolarFast Dye to your surface. Secure the image using glass or another flat surface to keep the film flush while it exposes in the sunlight.

This film is coated for maximum density and is very thin (4mm), which gives you optimal clarity when making your prints. It is also moisture resistant so you can use the negatives to make new prints on other surfaces.

Print only on the print side, which will feel slightly sticky, and layer two negatives for a higher contrast print. This method is also useful if your inkjet printer outputs less ink than desired.

Contains Eight 8.5″  11″ sheets per pack.

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Name Size Price Qty
Jacquard SolarFast Film 8.5X11 23.50
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