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H.J. 170 Kolinsky Sable Brushes

H.J. 170 Kolinsky Sable Brushes

The finest fine Kolinsky Sable brushes; the HJ 170 Retouch Brushes are made of high quality Kolinsky sable hairs in shapes and sizes ideal for spotting and fine details.

Retouch brushes have been traditionally used in the photographic printing industry for spotting, however, they are ideal for adding very fine lines and details to watercolour paintings.

Famed for its ability to retain water and therefore watercolour paint, its ability to spring back to its original shape, and its durability, Kolinsky Sable is taken only from the tails of male animals captured in the winter.

  • Superior shape-holding ability gives the brush a longer useful life. The point stays sharp.
  • Water retention gives greater painting ease, decreasing the need to reload the brush
  • Durability means less need to replace; the initial cost of the brush is well worth the years of use you can get out of it with proper care.
  • Easy-grip, triangular shaped handles make longer painting sessions a pleasure.