Create your own personalized t-shirts, bags, and artwork!

Jacquard Iron-On Transfer Paper quickly turns drawings, photos, clip art, scanned images, and text into vibrant wearable art and home decor.

It's easy to use: simply pick your image, print a mirrored version of it onto the white side of the paper, and iron the paper image side down onto any lightweight natural fabric. Iron-On Transfer paper even allows you to draw directly onto the transfer sheet with crayons, markers, or ink! Full instructions are listed on the back of the package.

Transferred images have  a very soft feel, which allows the them to feel like one with the fabric.

Each pack contains three 8″ 11″ (22 cm 28 cm) sheets.

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Name Size Price Qty
Jacquard Iron on Transfer Paper Pack of 3 8.5X11 10.70
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