Opus Finest Stretched Clear-Primed Linen

Opus Finest Stretched Clear-Primed Linen

Opus Finest Stretched Clear-Primed Linen

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Experience the ultimate quality and tradition of primed linen.

Opus Finest Stretched Clear-Primed Linen is the supreme surface for the discriminating painter. This locally-made surface is handcrafted to the same specifications as our Custom Stretched Linen.

1″ deep, heavy-duty pine bars provide excellent strength, and larger sizes are reinforced with cross-braces for added stability. Featuring gusseted corners to strengthen and square the joints, this perfectly fixed frame, called a strainer, offers sturdy support for the stretched linen.

A 7.5 oz (260GSM) linen stretched over the strainer provides a strong, elegant base. This 100% linen fabric features a medium-textured weave, and is clear-primed to a weight or 8oz (270GSM). Its warm grey linen surface is ready to paint with acrylics. We recommend at least two additional coats of gesso when working with oils. Clear Gesso is a great way to retain the warm linen colour while increasing the protection of your surface.

These artisanal canvases are designed and handcrafted right here in Vancouver, BC.


  • Canvas weight: 7.5 oz (260 gsm)
  • Primed weight: 8 oz (270 gsm)
  • 100% Linen
  • 2 coats clear acrylic gesso
  • 1″
  • Back-wrapped & stapled on pine wood