Kolinsky is king but these synthetic sable brushes are vying for the throne!

Escoda's Versatil brushes provide a professional-quality, synthetic alternative to Kolinsky Sable brushes at a fraction of the cost. These top-quality, short-handled, synthetic brushes are lauded by professionals worldwide as standing up to the revered Kolinsky brush hair, from the feel and spring, to the perfect brush point. Additionally, their synthetic composition provides an animal-friendly alternative to Kolinsky Sable brush hairs.

Featuring exceptional snap, superior absorption and excellent fluid retention, optimal for painting in watercolour.

Available in Round, Rigger, Flat, Filbert and Bright, from a diminutive size 2/00 to a bold size 22, the wide assortment of brushes allows you to create both fine detail and large areas of colour with superior performance.

The Making of an Escoda Versatil Brush
Handmade in Spain, the Escoda family take great care in producing their brushes. Ricard Escoda, Senior, paid a visit to Opus to demonstrate the Versatil. He had everyone entranced - so much so we had to film it!

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