How friendly are your frames? Nielsen EcoCare frames are very friendly; to the eye and the environment. They are elegant, with clean contemporary lines that will complement a wide range of art and decor.

All the wood for EcoCare frames is from sustainable forests and reclaimed plantation woods. The beautiful natural colour frames are made from bamboo. Each frame comes with glass and the sizes 8″ 10″ and  larger come with an acid-free mat.

All the elements that go into producing these frames are recyclable, biodegradable and non-toxic, including water-based finish coats.

  • Good for framing prints, photos, watercolours
  • Do not contribute to deforestation or pollution
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Esthetically geared towards a sleek, contemporary look

Please note that Neilsen & Bainbridge EcoCare Frames are not available for purchase online. We are unable to ship frames with glass, aside from our bulk Shipping Packs where the glass is packaged to minimize damage. You can purchase these frames at any of our store locations.

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