Gorgeous paper, grand tradition: all a part of the history of papermaking in Canada.

St. Armand Canal pads are made with the wonderful paper of the same name. This watercolour paper features a moderate tooth, stunning, rough deckle edges and a naturally white colour.

Each page provides a beautiful surface for your drawings and watercolour paintings. A delicate wrapper that features an engraving of the Lachine Canal in 1880 surrounds the thick grey cover, leaving a lasting impression of its quality.

The Cotton White colour uses real cotton rag offcuts from the clothing and bedding industries. The fiber is not bleached or cooked _ only mixed, making it a positive ecological choice. Natural colour variances occur from batch to batch and no two will be exactly the same. Canal Papers‚ characteristic depth of colour is caused by the different fibres intermingling.

Moderate tooth makes Canal suitable for watercolour, drawing, or pastel. Available in 4 sizes with a 15pt. thickness.

  • Made on a Fourdrinier machine
  • The Block pad (9x10 inches) has 60 sheets; the Quatro pad (10x14 inches) has 48; the Mini pad (6x6 inches) has 60; the Panorama pad (9x20 inches) has 30
  • 100% rag
  • Internally sized
  • No hard sizing on the surface; can be used for letterpress, etching or block printing
  • Dampen paper for best results when printing
  • All pads are glue bound along one edge
  • Made in Canada
  • No chemicals, bleaches, toxic dyes
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