Moving a lot? Shipping your artwork? Hanging pieces in high traffic areas? The answer is clear: you need plexiglass.

This alternative to glass has high optical clarity and is highly resistant to breakage and lighter in weight. Our pre-cut plexiglass is available in a wide range of sizes.

Framed pieces that are moved around a lot, shipped across country or apt to be accidentally knocked off the wall will not need to have the glazing replaced, or be a danger to either the artwork or people.

While plexiglass is more prone to surface abrasion than glass, and does require more careful cleaning, it comes already cleaned and covered in a peel-off protective cover. Use plexi-specific cleaner and a soft cloth to clean plexiglass.

Being a lighter weight than glass and highly break resistant, plexiglass is safer to handle when framing large works.

One definite drawback to plexiglass however is that it is far more likely to develop a static charge than glass. Do not use plexiglass to frame pastels, charcoal drawings or other works with any kind of dry media that is only held in place by the surface texture of the ground.

  • Our Pre-cut Plexiglass is 3mm (.118″ just under ⅛″) thick
  • Comes with a peel-off protective covering
  • Clear as glass optically
  • Use plexiglass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean (avoid using any cleaner with ammonia content)
  • Resists breakage, but more easily abraded on the surface than glass -use a soft cloth; do not use paper towels
  • In many situations, the higher cost of plexiglass is justified by not needing to replace broken glazing, as can so often happen with glass
  • Shipping or other accidents will not result in broken shards that can damage the artwork or be a danger to people

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