Feel the difference made by a high quality surface.

Pastel Premier Sanded Paper is a unique, 100% cotton, archival quality pastel paper. Double primed, coated with aluminium oxide 320 grit finish, this paper has a rich and even tooth perfect for fine-art quality pastel pieces. It is extremely durable thanks to a sealing coat, able to withstand scrubbing or reworking. It can accept up to 25 layers of pastel.

  • 145 lb, 310 gsm
  • Medium grit surface
  • Archival
  • 20 26 inch sheets
  • Made in the USA
Ordering sheets of paper online? Please note that we have a minimum paper shipping requirement depending on the weight of paper ordered. Call our National Mail Order toll free at 1-800-663-6953 or click for more details.
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