Handmade in Germany, each of these intensely opaque metallic shades creates thick, luscious lines. Simply add some water and apply with a brush or calligraphy pen, and watch the paint shimmer and shine.

The lightfast and non-toxic paints are made of mica, a mineral that produces an assortment of lustrous metallic shades, from gold and silver, to iridescent and pearlescent colours.

Use them on their own, or add special effects and highlights to your work they can be mixed easily with other watercolour paints, and adhere onto all absorbent surfaces, including paper and wood. Paint on white paper for a shimmering look, or apply it on to black paper and watch your colours pop on the page.

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FineTec Pearl Watercolour Set SET/24 113.60
FineTec Pearl Watercolour Set SET/12 53.80
FineTec Pearl Watercolour Set SET/6 41.80
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