This elegant pad is a calligrapher's perfect companion.

The natural white, wove finish paper is acid-free and perfect for use with a broad range of inks and writing tools. The non photo blue lines make it ideal for calligraphy and hand-lettering as they cannot be registered by a digital camera, and can be dulled out with a digital scanner, perfect for documenting your work without the lines. If you need to remove the sheets, you can do so cleanly and with ease.

  • Acid-free
  • Natural White
  • Non-photo blue lines
  • 25% cotton paper
  • Wove Finish
  • 50 sheets (100 pages)
  • 8˝″ × 11″ (21.6 x 27.9)
  • 24 lb (90 gsm)
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Name Size Price Qty  
Strathmore 500 Series Writing Pad 8.5X11 11.30
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