Beautiful, chic, and practical sketchbooks for the urban artist. Each notebook prototype is brought to perfection by a master bookbinder. Once the final handmade prototype is complete, the books are made to these specifications in much larger quantities using innovative production techniques.

Ideal for writing, drawing, or sketching, the unlined sketchbooks open up flat, giving you the maximum paper surface to work with. The durable Smyth sewn binding uses minimal glue, providing both a flexible and protected spine. To ensure that the books open completely flat, Paper Oh also "scored" the spine. Use the magnetic clip to clasp the cover in a secure position, and the flexi page marker to find your place easily, every time!

The uncoated 100 gsm paper is sourced from 100% sustainable forests. As it is unbleached, has a rich, cream colour, and the paper is run through an additional press to make it perfectly smooth. Both visually and texturally striking, the double-layered covers are scored, embossed, and perforated, resulting in a rich cover that excites the sense of touch.

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