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Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink


These beautiful, color-saturated, acid-free, transparent inks have an alcohol base which makes them indelible and moisture-resistant when dry.  Work freely on most clean, oil-free surfaces, including: glass, metal, plastic, clay, vinyl, polymer, ceramic, YUPO, foil, leather, paper, wood, encaustics and more!

Highly versatile, Piñata can be used in a variety of applications, including rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art, and scrap-booking. Piñata can also be used in calligraphy, faux finishing techniques, graphic and airbrush applications, as well as wood and leather staining.

Also available in Metallic Gold and Silver!

  002 Sunbright Yellow     011 Senorita Magenta     021 Lime Green
  003 Tangerine     013 Passion Purple     023 Rainforest Green
  005 Calabaza Orange     015 Sangria     027 Havana Brown
  007 Santa Fe Red     017 Sapphire Blue     030 Blanco Blanco
  009 Chili Pepper     019 Baja Blue     031 Mantilla Black
032 Rich Gold   033 Silver    
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Name Reg. Price Qty
Pinata Cleanup 4.90
Pinata Claro Extender 4.90
Pinata Sunbright Yellow 4.90
Pinata Tangerine 4.90
Pinata Calabaza Orange 4.90
Pinata Santa Fe Red 4.90
Pinata Chili Pepper 4.90
Pinata Senorita Magenta 4.90
Pinata Passion Purple 4.90
Pinata Sangria 4.90
Pinata Sapphire Blue 4.90
Pinata Baja Blue 4.90
Pinata Lime Green 4.90
Pinata Rainforest Green 4.90
Pinata Havana Brown 4.90
Pinata Blanco Blanco 4.90
Pinata Mantilla Black 4.90
Pinata Rich Gold 4.90
Pinata Silver 4.90
19 found, showing page 1 of 1