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Avoid spills and mess with Water Brush Pens! Waterbrush Pens are the ideal accessory for any artist who paints on the go.The plastic barrel can be filled with water or a mixture of water and watercolour paint. Squeeze the barrel to release the liquid. The synthetic hair brush tip allows you to experiment to make a variety of washed, strokes and effects.

Working with Watermedia Outdoors.

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Name Size Price Qty
Sakura Koi 9 ml Water Brush - Small 9.50
Sakura Koi 9 ml Water Brush - Medium 9.50
Sakura Koi 9 ml Water Brush - Large 9.50
Holbein Waterbrush Pen Round MEDIUM 12.60
Holbein Waterbrush Pen Round LARGE 13.50
Pentel Aquash Water Brush MED 7.90
Pentel Aqaush Water Brush SM 7.80
Pentel Aquash Water Brush LRG 9.60
8 found, showing page 1 of 1