Lay it on thick with the stiffest brush we carry!

Opus Denman Brushes are very stiff, their synthetic bristles are perfect for creating peaks and crevices with heavy-body acrylics, thick acrylic mediums, and water-soluble oils. The strong bristles keep their spring and shape during prolonged use with paint and water.

These brushes come in various shapes: Round - for creating thick to fine lines and detailed work; Filbert - for strokes with soft round edges and for blending; Bright - for short, flat strokes, blending and working with heavy mediums; Flat - for shading, blending, highlighting, blocking in colour, and stroke work; Angle - for curved strokes, filling corners, and to float colours.

Grade Artist
Suggested Medium Acrylic & water-soluble oils
Bristle Material Synthetic
Bristle Firmness Stiff
Handle Length Long
Handle Material Wood
Ferrule Seamless, Brass and Nickel matte plated
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34 found, showing page 1 of 1