Wood Mouldings

How to order:

To order a frame: quote the Frame Chop Code to Opus staff in-store or by phone at 1-800-663-6953 ext 1. You can find the Frame Chop Code next to the product name (example highlighted).

  8"  10" (18 UI) 16"  20" (36 UI) 24"  30" (54 UI)
Price Code A $32.28 $49.77 $63.20
Price Code B $53.73 $82.75 $105.25
Price Code C $96.74 $149.17 $189.40
Price Code D $149.79 $227.89 $289.35
Call for Price $241.85 $372.92 $473.49

NOTE: Not all mouldings are suitable for large frame dimensions. Please check with your local Opus store or our National Mail Order department if you are having a narrow profile frame made to large dimensions to verify that it will be strong enough at the size you require.