Get the most out of all the shades of black.

Graphite. The pure beauty of the raw material, mined from the deepest veins, is one of the artist's greatest pleasures. From the plenitude of black to magical shades of grey, the play of light and shadow expresses the refinement of a sketch, a study or a finished piece of work. From the first to the last pencil stroke, the pure essence of graphite shines through.

The limitless possibilities of black are available in a range of infinite variations: wash drawing, aquarelle, stippling, hatching, script, tone work, graded applications, soft-textured effects, technical and artistic drawings, and mixed techniques.

Grafwood exists in 15 gradations, from the hardest to the softest of blacks for an infinite sensitivity of variation. From 4H, the hardest, to 9B, the softest and therefore the blackest in the range, artists have at their disposal an extremely regular and linear scale, whether in terms of wear on the lead or the intensity of greys produced. For the first time, tones are directly legible on the pencil thanks to a varnish adapted to each gradation.

Grafwood, Grafstone and Grafcube are manufactured from wholly pure minerals: 100% natural graphite and clay, homogenized with the greatest care to obtain an exceptional regularity of shades.

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