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Bookmaking Tools

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Name Size Reg Price Qty  
Lineco Bookboard Punch 31.20
Lineco Bone Scorer 5" 15.40
Lineco Bone Folder LARGE 18.50
Lineco Bone Folder SMALL 13.80
Lineco Curved Needles PK/3 10.40
Lineco Bookbinder Needle PK/5 10.40
Lineco Awl Heavy Duty 4" 20.80
Lineco Light Duty Awl 8.30
Lineco Medium Duty Awl 15.90
Lineco Post Extension 1/2" 4.80
Lineco Binding Posts 2" 5.40
Lineco Binding Posts 1" 5.00
Lineco Binding Posts 1/2" 4.70
Lineco Binding Thread 50YD 15.80
14 found, showing page 1 of 1