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Buzz Slim Stretched Canvas

See what all the Buzz is about with these affordable, good quality canvases!

Buzz Stretched Canvases are an inexpensive primed surface perfect for practicing your acrylics and oils on, and for experimenting with new techniques. Featuring a lightweight, triple primed cotton/polyester blend material, these back-wrapped and stapled canvases are ready to use straight away.  Add more coats of gesso for an even smoother finish or when using as a surface for oil paints.

This value-priced canvas is ideal for practice, art parties, quick home decor projects, kids' art projects, and more. Buzz Slim canvases feature ¾″ deep stretcher bars.

  • Canvas weight: 5 oz (170 gsm)
  • Primed weight: 11 oz (380 gsm)
  • Canvas material: Cotton/polyester blend
  • 3 coats acrylic gesso
  • ¾″ deep
  • Back-wrapped & stapled to pine wood
  • Singles available in 23 sizes from 4″ × 4″ to 18″ × 36″
  • Value packs of 4 available in 13 sizes from 8″ × 10″ to 18″ × 24″

Also Available: Buzz Deep Stretched Canvas (1½″ deep stretcher bars) singles.

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The Opus PLUS Members' Discount is off the regular price only; it may not be combined with any other offer. Please note that quantity discounts and sale prices cannot be combined; the greater of either discount will be applied. The quantity discount applies to the package size. Ex. 1+ 4-Packs of Buzz Slim qualifies for the 5% Opus PLUS Member Discount, 10+ 4-Pack qualify for the 15% discount, etc.

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Buzz Slim Single 12X16 5.30
Buzz Slim Single 12X24 7.00
Buzz Slim Single 20X24 9.00
Buzz Slim Single 24X24 12.40
Buzz Slim Single 11X14 5.00
Buzz Slim Single 12X12 5.10
Buzz Slim Single 9X12 3.80
Buzz Slim Single 8X8 3.40
Buzz Slim Single 8X10 3.50
Buzz Slim Single 6X8 3.30
Buzz Slim Single 24X30 13.00
Buzz Slim Single 14X18 6.50
Buzz Slim Single 18X24 8.50
Buzz Slim Single 16X20 6.70
Buzz Slim Single 4X6 2.60
Buzz Slim Single 6X12 3.60
Buzz Slim Single 5X7 2.70
Buzz Slim Single 6X6 2.80
Buzz Slim Value Pack of 4 14X18 23.40
Buzz Slim Value Pack of 4 12X12 18.40
Buzz Slim Value Pack of 4 11X14 18.00
Buzz Slim Value Pack of 4 12X16 19.00
Buzz Slim Value Pack of 4 16X20 24.20
Buzz Slim Value Pack of 4 18X24 30.50
Buzz Slim Value Pack of 4 8X10 12.50
25 found, showing page 1 of 1