A solid surface perfect for painting with acrylics, oils, spraypaints, and inks.

The Opus Art Board is a ready-to-use masonite panel featuring a smooth surface that is triple primed with 100% acrylic gesso primer.

This smooth surface offers an excellent base for thinner supplies such as spray paints and inks. But, with the addition of a surface primer such as GOLDEN Fibre Paste of QoR Cold or Hot Pressed Ground, you can create a surface similar to watercolour paper.

Explore a multitude of mediums on a solid surface that will not allow them to crack or bend.

Canvas MaterialUntempered Hardboard
Priming Acrylic Primer
Depth1″ Slim
Wood TypeHardboard
Availability15 Sizes

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Name Size Price Qty
Opus Artboard 10X14 9.40
Opus Artboard 11X14 9.70
Opus Artboard 12X14 9.90
Opus Artboard 12X16 10.30
Opus Artboard 14X18 11.40
Opus Artboard 16X20 12.50
Opus Artboard 18X24 14.50
Opus Artboard 20X24 15.30
Opus Artboard 22X28 15.90
Opus Artboard 24X30 16.20
Opus Artboard 24X36 18.30
Opus Artboard 5X7 7.60
Opus Artboard 8X10 8.40
Opus Artboard 9X12 8.90
Opus Artboard 10X10 8.70
15 found, showing page 1 of 1