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PanPastel Painting SetSET/20

Paint with pastels in a revolutionary new way.

PanPastel is a line of professional artist quality soft pastel colours packed in a convenient pan format. Created with a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, they are rich, ultra-soft and super-blendable colours that allow you to easily lift, apply, and control pastels with the dynamic application of painting. Each pack contains 0.30 fl oz (9 ml) of colour that will provide you with at least 4-5 times more coverage than traditional pastels, leaving behind minimal dust.

Compatible with almost any other artist media, these pastel colours are easy to work with. No drying or preparation time is needed; no solvents or other special mediums are required. Being a very forgiving medium, you can use any eraser to correct your mistakes or remove colour to create highlights.

The pan format protects the colours, keeping them separate and clean in the studio and when transporting them. The pans stack up securely together, making it easy to store and organize the colours, minimizing the amount of storage space required.

While most of the colours in this line are lightfast, some colours may fade over time when exposed to light. Please refer to this PanPastel colour chart for a complete list of lightfast ratings.

All the colours have been independently tested to ASTM D-4236 standards, and are certified with the ACMI AP Non-Toxic seal. They have also been tested and certified as lead-free.

The Painting Set contains Sofft Tools (2 Sofft Knives, 10 Sofft Covers, 3 Sofft Sponges, 3 Sofft Applicators), 4 storage jars, and 20 colours: Titanium White, Hansa Yellow, Diarylide Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Orange, Permanent Red, Red Iron Oxide, Magenta, Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Turquoise, Phthalo Green, Permanent Green, Bright Yellow Green, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Black, Neutral Grey, and Paynes Grey.

TypeArtist grade, pastel pan
MediumPigments, binder
AvailabilitySets of 3, Starter Painting Set, 10, 20
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil SetSET/72

Width: 0.75″
Height: 0.813″
Rabbet: 0.625″

Moleskine Plain Notebook 5X8.5

Plain pages for notes, reminders, and quick sketches. This threadbound book is acid-free, and covered in a hardwearing black synthetic “moleskine”. Features an elastic enclosure and an expandable pocket to keep your ideas together. 192 pages.

Moleskine Japanese Pocket Album 3.5X5

This Moleskine Japanese Pocket Album has 60 zigzag pleated heavy-weight pages. Great for photos, collages, and sequences, this album is threadbound with an expandable pocket and an elastic enclosure. Acid-free paper 3.5" × 5.5".

Pilot FriXion Colors Pen Set 2.5 mm tipSET/12

The Pilot FriXion Colors are erasable felt-tip marker pens. The end cap acts as eraser, and the thermo-sensitive ink disappears through the friction of erasing. Colours can be added and erased repeatedly.

Note: Do not use FriXion Colors when signing legal documents, cheques, or when writing exams. Do not expose FriXion to extreme temperatures (below -10å¡ C, above 60å¡ C). Always replace the cap after use. Some types of paper (such as thermal paper) may not be suitable to erase.

Moleskine Set of 3 Plain Cahier Pocket Journal - Kraft Brown SET/3

Moleskine Pocket Plain Cahier Journals are offered as a set of 3 notebooks with plain pages, each with a heavy duty cardboard cover with visible stitching on the spine. Each Journal is 3.5 × 5.5 inches, and contains 64 pages of acid-free paper, with the last 16 sheets detachable.

Itoya Petite Journal - Ocean3.5X5

These petite journals with its french-inspired covers are perfect for jotting down ideas on-the-go. It contains a glued spine with 40 lined white pages that are perforated.

Available in 3 colours: Berry, Cream, or Ocean.

Itoya Petite Journal - Cream3X4

These petite journals with its french-inspired covers are perfect for jotting down ideas on-the-go. It contains a glued spine with 40 lined white pages that are perforated.

Available in 3 colours: Berry, Cream, or Ocean.

Moleskine Art Sketching Kit - Watercolour Pencil Set of 12KIT

Free your talent and start sketching today!

The Moleskine Sketchbook included is made using pigmented pulp, this rich sketch-grade paper stands up to eraser use and provides a great base for a wide variety of media. Ideal for Moleskine Drawing Pencils and Moleskine Pens, as well as pastels, charcoal, fountain pens, and markers.

The sketchbook has 104 pages with 111 lb acid-free paper, sized 5x81/4, and has an expandable inner pocket. The 12 watersoluble colouring pencils made from cedar wood with a quality 3mm watersoluble core.

ITOYA Anywhere Journal7.5X10

Bring your journal anywhere, wherever creativity strikes!

A great companion for your next sketching adventure, the ITOYA Anywhere Journal features a flexible spine that allows the pages to be opened to a 360° angle. Hand crafted with high quality paper, a soft cover, and sanded edges, this journal is all about the comfort.

With 140 pages, you can write, draw or do both! The flexible soft cover also allows you to curl up your sketchbook and tuck it into your back pocket — perfect for the artist going anywhere and everywhere!


  • Hand crafted
  • Flexible spine allows journal to be opened 360°
  • High quality paper
  • Sanded edges for a smooth feel
  • 70 blank sheets/140 pages

Paper-Oh Circulo Collection A4 Grey on OrangeA4

Beautiful, chic, and practical. The original prototype was meticulously punched out using a screw punch, with each dot precisely contained in the spine and covers, maintaining a satisfying illusion of even spacing.

Each notebook prototype is brought to perfection by a master bookbinder. Once the final handmade prototype is complete, the books are made to the handmade book specifications in much larger quantities using innovative production techniques.

Ideal for writing, drawing, or sketching, the unlined sketchbooks open up flat, giving you the maximum paper surface to work with. The durable smyth sewn binding uses minimal glue, providing both a flexible and protected spine. To ensure that the books open completely flat, Paper-Oh also ″scored″ the spine.

The uncoated 100 gsm paper is sourced on 100% sustainable forests. As it is unbleached, it has a rich, cream colour, and the paper is run through an additional press to make it perfectly smooth. Both visually and texturally striking, covers are scored, embossed, and perforated, resulting in a rich cover that excites the sense of touch.

Available in two sizes and two colour combinations.


  • 112 pages
  • 297 mm × 210 mm
  • Blank pages
  • Lay-flat binding
  • Durable smyth sewn binding
  • Magnetic closure
  • Double-layered covers
  • Flexi-page marker
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set Primary PaletteSET/10

Get the sharp strokes of a bullet tip and the sweeping marks of a brush with the Tombow Dual Tip Marker!

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set features double-ended markers. Make your fine precise lines with the fine point, and create expressive variable line widths with the brush tip. Featuring an acid-free, odourless ink, these markers are water-based and easily blendable.

These pens are self-cleaning. Dip one brush pen tip into a pool of another colour to extend your palette, and more you write with it, faster it will get to its original colour.

Use it for sketching, illustration, doodling, journaling, hand-lettering, and colouring.

Primary Palette contains: 847 Crimson, 925 Scarlet, 055 Process Yellow, 245 Sap Green, 346 Sea Green, 476 Cyan, 565 Deep Blue, 879 Brown, N15 Black

Tip(s) width0.1mm - 0.5mm
Tip(s) typeNylon brush and bullet point
Ink typeWater-based Dye Ink
Replaceable tip(s)No
BlendabilityEasy to blend
AvailabilityPrimary, Secondary, Bright, Landscape, Grayscale, Portrait, Muted, Pastel, Galaxy Sets
Additional FeaturesSelf-clean tips, Odourless
COPIC Sketch Marker Basic Pen SetSET/72

Let COPIC markers help you add beautiful, creative linework and juicy strokes to your images.

COPIC Sketch Markers are fast drying, double-ended, non-toxic, and toner-compatible dye-based markers. COPIC ink is permanent and waterproof. It works well in conjunction with watercolours, coloured pencils and pastels. Since the ink is alcohol-based, it dries acid-free and quickly. If you run out of ink, various ink refills are available in all colours.

Colours are transparent, and are blendable when overlapped either dry or with the Colourless Blender. Try them on a variety of surfaces including paper, vellum, leather, wood, fabrics, plastic, faux fur, glass, and glazed ceramic. These markers have a Medium Chisel nib at one end, and a flexible Super Brush nib at the other. Loved by professional illustrators and designers, these markers are great for Manga, illustration, fashion design, and scrapbooking. Available in a range of colours, including the Colourless Blender.Packaged in a clear plastic case, these sets will be the ideal way to begin your collection of COPIC markers.

The Basic set of 72 markers contains: Cool Gray No.1 (C1), Cool Gray No.3 (C3), Cool Gray No.5 (C5), Cool Gray No.7 (C7), Cool Gray No.9 (C9), Warm Gray No.1 (W1), Warm Gray No.3 (W3), Warm Gray No.5 (W5), Warm Gray No.7 (W7), Warm Gray No.9 (W9), Black (100), Special Black (110), Mint Blue (B01), Process Blue (B05), Peacock Blue (B06), Light Blue (B14), Phthalo Blue (B23), Cobalt Blue (B26), Ultramarine (B29), Pale Blue (B32), Manganese Blue (B34), Antwerp Blue (B37), Prussian Blue (B39), Blue Green (BG09), Cool Shadow (BG10), Aqua (BG15), Teal Blue (BG18), Blue Violet (BV08), Burnt Sienna (E09), Dark Suntan (E15), Burnt Umber (E29), Sand (E33), Sepia (E37), Clay (E44), Dark Bark (E49), Nile Green (G07), Malachite (G16), Forest Green (G17), Lime Green (G21), Ocean Green (G28), Olive (G99), Flesh (R02), Vermillion (R08), Cadmium Red (R27), Peach (R32), Carmine (R37), Shock Pink (RV04), Fuchsia (RV09), Pink (RV11), Red Violet (RV19), Crimson (RV29), Lilac (V04), Lavender (V06), Violet (V09), Canary Yellow (Y02), Yellow (Y06), Pale Yellow (Y11), Lemon Yellow (Y13), Cadmium Yellow (Y15), Buttercup Yellow (Y21), Mustard (Y26), Yellow Green (YG03), Chartreuse (YG13), Putty (YG91), Pale Olive (YG95), Powder Pink (YR00), Chrome Orange (YR04), Cadmium Orange (YR07), Chinese Orange (YR09), Caramel (YR14), Yellow Ochre (YR23), and Pale Sepia (YR24).

Tip(s) width0.2 - 7.0mm
Tip(s) typeChisel and Felt Brush
Ink typePermanent Alcohol Dye Ink
Replaceable tip(s)Yes
AvailabilitySets of 12, 36, 72
Additional FeaturesDouble-ended
Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Art Marker Set Primary/Secondary ColoursSET/12

Make your mark from both ends.

The Prismacolor Double Ended Art Markers are artist quality markers for every level of experience. The alcohol- and dye-based ink provides rich colour saturation with smooth, silky ink flow, and coverage for impressive colour laydown.

Each marker uses a single ink reservoir for a perfect colour match on both ends. One end has a fine nib while the other carries a broad, wedge shaped nib for a variety of line widths. These non-toxic markers are ideal for both technical and artistic applications. Available in 156 individual colours and 4 different sets of 12.

The Primary/Secondary Colour Set of 12 contains: Crimson Red (PM4), Carmine Red (PM6), Pink (PM8), Yellow Orange (PM15), Canary Yellow (PM19), Dark Green (PM31), Parrot Green (PM32), Ultramarine Blue (PM44), Violet (PM50), Mulberry (PM53), Dark Umber (PM 61), and Black (PM98).

Tip(s) width1.0mm and 8.0mm line width
Tip(s) typeFelt bullet point and chisel
Ink typePermanent Alcohol Dye Ink
Replaceable tip(s)No
AvailabilityPrimary/Secondary Set, Warm Grey Set, Cool Grey Set, Manga Set
Additional FeaturesDouble-ended
Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook4X6

Smooth, heavyweight, natural white sketch paper bound into a woven cover for a traditional feel to your modern sketches.

The fine grain of the paper makes the pen slide over the surface virtually on its own, offering clearly defined pen control and delicate hatchings. Suitable for use with all dry-painting techniques in addition to light colour washes, the paper brings a great sense of versatility and precision to the artistic process. Use it for everything from architectural sketches to fast, vividly coloured drawings.

The heavy, 90 lb (190 gsm) paper feels both solid and flexible, and is bound into hard-wearing, anthracite-coloured cover featuring a linen structure. Thread stitching makes for a solid binding and good flatness of the sheets, allowing for ease in creating double-sided sketches and drawings across the fold. The sturdy cover makes sketching on the go a pleasure, providing a rigid base on which to work, while a red ribbon bookmark holds your spot for the next sketch.

Each book contains 40 sheets (80 pages) of natural-white, heavyweight, acid-free sketch paper.

44 found, showing page 1 of 3