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Edward C Lyons Intaglio Etching SetSET/6

The Edward C Lyons Intaglio Etching Set of 6 contains the basic etching tools needed to start working with metal plates: copper, zinc, steel and magnesium. They are also good for working on plastic plates. Create lines, tones and textures. These high quality tools include 3 burins of different shapes, a twisted double-point tool, a solid blade scraper and a curved burnisher.

Speedball Advanced All-in-One KitKIT

This kit packs in all the essentials needed for photo emulsion screen printing, including a light source. The photo emulsion method allows for fine line drawings, various lettering techniques, and photographic half-tone positives. This kit will produce great results on fabric or paper.

Kit Includes: two 8.5" _ 11" transparency film, 10" _ 14" screen frame; 9" squeegee; 4 craft sticks; 4 fl oz black, white, red, and blue fabric ink; 4 fl oz DIAZO Photo Emulsion; 0.5 g DIAZO Sensitizer; 4 fl oz Photo Emulsion Remover; Instructional DVD; Exposure Lamp; 250 Watt Photo Flood Bulb; 9 _" _ 13 _" black paper; and Instructions/Exposure chart.