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Artograph PRO1200 Premium Lightbox12X12

All the dream features of the ultimate arts and crafts lightbox in a sleek and innovative look.

The LightPad PRO is a new thin and sturdy lightbox by Artograph that features variable brightness up to a blazing 11,000 lux that is strong enough to shine through 300 lb watercolour paper and fabric. The LightPad PRO adds a colour temperature adjustment to bring projects into their natural colour from a warm to cool white, highlighting different tonal qualities in your artwork. Its long-life LEDs that never need to be changed, provide evenly illuminated surface with UV-free light that is safe for your eyes, and fade-safe for archival photos and documents.

Designed for easy use with a T-square, the LightPad PRO features a tempered glass cutting surface, allowing you to work with blades and knives right on the surface of the lightbox.

An ergonomic design with touch sensitive controls, curved edges and a smooth base makes it comfortable to work on your lap or on a worktable where you can raise it up with the two pucks that are provided in the packaging.

Available in 2 sizes 12″ x 12″ and 17.5 ″ x 17.5″


  • Adjustable color temperature from 3000¡ K-6200¡ K, warm to cool white
  • Variable brightness from 500 to 5500 lux with color temperature adjustment
  • MAX brightness a blazing 11,000 lux at a fixed color temperature of 4600¡ K
  • Tempered glass cutting surface
  • Edge designed for T-square use
  • UV-free light safe for eyes and archival photos and documents
  • Settings memory saves brightness and color temp
  • Shines through 300 pound cold-pressed watercolor paper
  • Square shape to fit any size or orientation
  • Curved-edged frame for ergonomic ease
  • Smooth base for lap comfort
  • Capacitive touch controls
  • Thin, sturdy design
  • Long-life 50,000 hour LEDs
Mini Manikin5.5"

These tiny versions of the larger manikins will be no less handy, while reducing cost and taking up little space. Though small, they are fully jointed to allow for posing just as their larger “siblings” are.

ALVIN Viceroy Artist/Drafting Black Chair

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Jeph Table Easel

The Jeph Table Easel is a simple basswood tripod easel suitable for occasional work on small boards, canvases, or for displaying small pieces of artwork. The Jeph can fold flat for storage and has rubber tipped leg-ends to prevent slipping while in use. This economical easel is suitable for just about any studio.

Packaged unassembled and is easy to set up and take down.

  • Leg dimensions: 7/8″ × ¾″
  • Max easel height: 24"
  • Base width/depth: 18"/18"
  • Weight: 2 lb
Daylight 32 Watt Artist Studio Lamp & Stand

Light up your whole studio for optimal colour matching and greater clarity. The 7’ stylish metal tripod stand comes with 1 clip-on lamp, and can hold up to 3 additional Daylight Clip-On Lamps. Additional lamps sold separately.

Featuring an extremely powerful bulb (32 W energy saving bulb 450 W equiv.), the lamp also spreads its light across a wide area, which is ideal for large paintings. Natural bright white Daylight technology helps reduce eye strain and glare for healthy vision and a more comfortable working environment, and allows true colour correcting for colour matching &nash; ideal when painting, or for looking at photographs. The lamp has a unique clamp-lock system that keeps it firmly in position, and a 5" flexible arm to direct light exactly where you want.

Daylight Easel Lamp - Fluorescent

The Daylight Easel Lamp is a great way to concentrate light on your work-in-progress on the easel. The clip mechanism is easy to use, and the flexible neck will help you angle the light to just the right spot. It has a black clip and neck with a brushed aluminium, flared shade, and comes with a 20 W, energy-saving bulb (equivalent to a 100 W incandescent.)

Uses the Daylight 20 W bulb.

Art S. Buck Artist's Model Male

An anatomically proportional scale model of the human figure, these manikins have over 30 points of articulation so that you will have access to an almost full range of human movement to work from in your studio. Made from a neutral gray plastic, these durable manikins feature expressive hands and features, as well as generic male or female facial features. Display stand is included.

Studio Designs Retro Stool - Gunnison Grey

Seat yourself on a throwback to the past with this retro-inspired stool.

Studio Designs Retro Stool combines a classic-looking design aesthetic with modern features. It includes a pneumatic lift for adjusting the height of the revolving seat, an antique finish on the grey wooden seat, and a five point base with nylon feet to protect the stool and your floors. A powder coated finish ensures durability for the stool’s base and feet.

  • Overall dimensions: 19" × 19" × 19.25" to 26"
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment: 19.25" to 26" High
  • Antique design and finish
  • Powder coated steel base and footring for durability
  • Extra wide 19" diameter base for stability
  • Five point base with large nylon feet
Cascadia Deluxe Table Easel

The Cascadia Deluxe Table Easel is an excellent choice for convenience and economy. It was made to support smaller boards or canvases in situations where floor space is limited or where the artist prefers or needs to work in a seated position at a table.

This wood easel has stable side supports that easily adjust to suit your needs. It has the ability to tilt forward past vertical to allow charcoal or pastel dust to fall away from the work surface.

  • Maximum canvas height: 20"
  • Maximum easel height: 37"
  • Base width/depth: 11"/12"
  • Please note: assembly required for this product
Daylight Techne Artist & Drafting LED Lamp

Awaken the artist in you with Techne!

The Techne Artist & Drafting LED Lamp has been specifically designed to be easily mounted on any type of easel, drafting table, drawing board or a workbench. The fully flexible arm allowing a 360 degree shade rotation combined with the 320 degree head-flip system lets you position the light exactly where you want it. When working on an easel or at a table the Techne lets you direct the light to the specific area you are working on - for close-up precision and attention to detail.

ALVIN Prestige Artist/Drafting Chair

Sit like you mean it. The sturdy Prestige Artist/Drafting Chair from ALVIN is great for both designers and artists. It features pneumatic height control, polypropylene seat and back shells, a height- and depth-adjustable backrest with tilt-angle control, an articulating seat and backrest, dual-wheel casters, a 24″ diameter reinforced nylon base and an adjustable 18″ diameter chrome foot ring. Wow!

The seat cushion is 19″w x 18″d x 3″ thick, the backrest is 17″w x 15″h x 3″ thick and the height adjusts from 24″ to 34″.

Be comfy while you work!

Opus Foundation Studio KitKIT

Everything you need to get started!

This convenient carrying case comes packed full of the essential art supplies that you need to succeed! Whether you are beginning an art program, diving into drawing or illustration, or need to refresh your studio basics, youÕll find the Opus Foundation Studio Kit offers exceptional value and all of the essentials!

From sketchbooks to cutting mats, youÕll find this kit contains an extensive list of supplies that are useful for a wide range of drawing techniques and other art practices. Although this kit is excellent for the student enrolling in an art program, any artist can benefit from all the great supplies included.

Retail Value of this kit is $147.75!

This kit contains:

  • Opus Essential Hardbound Sketchbook (8_" x 11")
  • Opus Essential Graphite Pencil Set of 12
  • Cartridge Pad of 40 Sheets (18" x 24")
  • Newsprint Pad of 40 Sheets (18" x 24")
  • AA Mesh Bag (20" x 26")
  • Pigma Micron Set of 3 Black
  • OLFA Snap 'n' Trap Knife
  • X-Acto #1 Knife with Cap
  • X-Acto #11 Blade (Pack of 5)
  • Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser
  • Staedtler Karat Kneadable Eraser
  • 3M 201 Masking Tape
  • Prang Glue Stick (21 Grams)
  • Metal Sharpener (1 Hole)
  • Alvin Mat Cutter Green/Black (18" x 24")
  • Alumicutter Fingerguard Ruler (18")
FC Art Animation Disk & Table Set

This animation disk and wood crafted drawing board combination can turn any flat surface into an instant adjustable workspace, great for animating or drawing with ink and paint. Its handy non-slip rubber base accommodates the most vigorous of drawing techniques. Set at an economic price, this is a great workstation for anyone interested in classical animation. Back light your drawings with the light source of your choice. Try it with a Daylight Lamp

Animation disk:

  • Made of ⅜″ translucent white acrylic
  • 20″ diameter
  • Beveled 1″ hole on top and bottom for easy rotation
  • Removable stainless steel peg bar
  • For 12 or 16 field materials

Folding drawing board:

  • 32″ × 24″ top made of hardwood
  • 16 ⅜″ opening to fit animation disk
  • Adjustable angles with non-slip rubber base
Excel Super Deluxe Woodcarving Set of 46SET/46

A dream set for paper cutting, crafts, scrapbooking, and more!

This deluxe set contains all of Excel's top products, including one of each of Excel's 37 most popular blades and 8 of their finest knives.

Daylight Lumi LED Task Lamp

Brighten up your workspace!

The Lumi LED Task Lamp is ideal to use on any work space, cutting table, drafting table or desk, the Lumi is a professional workstation lamp that will enable you to see fine details and true colors. The large shade can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position. The dimmable light allows easy adjustment when less light is required.