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Searching for: “graphite powder”

Searching for: “graphite powder”
$ 18.20
General Graphite Powder6OZ
General Graphite Powder is loose graphite packaged in a lightweight screw top jar. This pure graphite is soft and fine and is suitable for drawing and shading with brush, blending stump, fingers, or rag. It can be mixed with acrylic and other mediums to create a range of effects. Great for larger, expressive works on paper or canvas.
$ 23.60
ArtGraf Powdered Graphite100G

Explore the many opportunities water-soluble graphite has to offer!

ArtGraf Graphite Powder is loose water-soluble graphite that is packaged in a soft pouch. Giving you an extremely versatile form of one of the most traditional art materials for drawing, the ArtGraph Graphite Powder can be diluted with water, applied with a wet brush, or rubbed onto your surface.

By adjusting the water-to-graphite ratio, you can create an entire grayscale, control the opaqueness, and work in rendering and wash techniques. Mix it with other water-based materials for more colours, tones and textures. When dry, it can be erased or re-wet.

$ 1.60
Factis Artist Gum Eraser
The classic beige rubber eraser, it is useful for gently removing graphite or surface soil from drawings. Gentle pressure releases a fine powder that acts as a dry cleaner.