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Da Vinci Gum Arabic 59ML

Use the Da Vinci Gum Arabic to gain more control over the flow of your watercolour paint when working wet-on-wet. It will also increase transparency and gloss. 59 ml.

Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic 75ML

This is the natural binding agent used in watercolour paints. When used as a medium, gum arabic slows the drying time of watercolours, and adds further transparency and gloss to your colours. It ensures that the colour adheres to the paper support, and is particularly useful for airbrushing watercolours. Excellent for creating glazes to create the illusion of depth.

Holbein Gum Arabic Watercolor Paste15ML

Holbein Gum Arabic Paste results in an impasto effect when mixed with watercolors.

Available in a 15 ml tube.

Holbein Gum Arabic Watercolor Medium60ML

An Artist grade medium which will, when mixed with watercolours, enhance gloss and transparency.

Mixing with opaque colours, like gouache and posters colours, will also increase their transparency.

Available in 60 ml squeeze bottle.

Jacquard Gum Arabic Powder1OZ

Create your own pigments, inks, and more with this powdered natural binding agent!

Use with dry pigments such as Pearl Ex to make your own transparent watercolors, washes, stamping and calligraphy inks.

For use on paper, wood or any surface that will not be washed. Gum Arabic produces a glossy, easy to brush or stamp on paint that easily mixes and cleans up with water.

Instructions: Add dry gum to pigment in a ratio of 1 part gum to 4 parts pigment. (Ratio of gum to pigment may be adjusted for different effects). Slowly add water and mix until the desired consistency is achieved. Solutions of gum and water may also be prepared and stored in a cool place for later use.