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ALVIN Rolling Parallel Ruler 12"

Draw horizontal and vertical parallel lines, circles, curves or arcs up to 24″ in diamater, and angles with ease using this multi-purpose drawing tool made from high impact material. Perfect for drafting, design and drawing.

Instructions for use are on the back.

  • Built in protractor
  • Draw circles, arcs and curves up to 24″ in diameter
  • Includes useful formulas and conversion factors
  • Graduated in both Imperial and Metric
ALVIN Lettering Stencil Set 4PC

This set contains four separate stencils that feature letters, numbers, and symbols. These transparent green stencils allow you to see your working surface beneath for simple and easy registration. To prevent smudging, small risers have been constructed on the back. Made of durable polypropylene.

Set Includes:

  • 4 stencils
  • 1 of ⅛″ (30 mm) capital letters, numbers, symbols
  • 1 of ¾″ (20 mm) capital letters, numbers, symbols
  • 1 of ⅜″ (10 mm) capital/lower case letters, numbers, symbols
  • 1 of ¼″ (5 mm) capital/lower case letters, numbers, symbols


  • Durable polypropylene
  • Transparent green
  • Risers on back to prevent smudging
ALVIN Small Shapes Template

This template contains circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, arrows, route symbols, brackets, and a data block. Ideal for drafting, engineering and graphic arts supplies.

Size: 2 ¼″ × 5″ × 0.020″.

ALVIN Mini Dusting Brush 10"

Safely remove eraser shavings from your drawings. Using a brush to clean your paper helps avoid the potential of smudging your work or of transferring oil or other contaminants from your hand to your paper surface.

This brush features soft sterilized horsehair in a single row of tufts and a comfortable wood handle.